The Station Wagon podcast: Seattle - Snoqualmie - Olympia: Episode 6: Giving up Paper

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Episode 6: Giving up Paper

In this episode, we give up using paper products. No -- we did not give up using toilet paper. Yes - we did give up using all other paper (printer paper, tissues, paper towels, post-it notes, etcetera etcetera). Yes - it was very difficult. We hope you enjoy it.


  1. Environmental Impact of Paper
  2. National Resource Defense Council
  3. People Are Buying More Fancy Toilet Paper Than Ever
  4. Reusable toilet wipes
  5. U.S. Paperwork Reduction Act
  6. History of paper
  7. Toilet Paper
  8. Paper Towels
  9. Magazines
  10. Printable solar cells
  11. Paper University
  12. I’m a lumber jack
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  14. Food & Beverage Packaging (2013). McDonald’s to replace foam beverage cups with paper. 77(9), 12.
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