The Station Wagon podcast: Seattle - Snoqualmie - Olympia: Episode 15: Giving up Music

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Episode 15: Giving up Music

In this episode Julie and Marc give up listening to MUSIC. Julie does an ok, not perfect, job on the quiz. Marc talks about this history of music including the earliest found flute, and the date when Dark Side of the Moon was published. In science, Julie talks about the impact of Music on health.
Spoiler Alert: Music is good. Listen to it.



-37000 BCE
Divje Babe Flute
found in 1995 this bear femur flute provides evidence of neanderthals playing music
LP introduced to public
Developed by RCA labs, it held 20 minutes per side and revolves at 33.3 RPM.
8-Track Cartridges Introduced
Cassette Tapes Introduced
Philips introduces the Cassette tape to the world a the Berlin Radio Show.
Pre-recorded Cassettes Hitting Market
Dark Side of The Moon released
First commercial CD
“The first commercial compact disc was produced on 17 August 1982. It was a recording from 1979 of Claudio Arrau performing Chopin waltzes (Philips 400 025-2). Arrau was invited to the Langenhagen plant to press the start button.”

First US Produced Commercial CD
Born in the USA was the first US-produced music CD.
Patent issued for mp3 in US
( ref)
Surfer Rosa
Album Surfer Rosa Released.
7-yr old integration
Music Match mixed with Google Play Music and lyrics printed on internet-connected printer. Amazing.


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