The Station Wagon podcast: Seattle - Snoqualmie - Olympia: Episode 16: Giving up Sleeping a Bed

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Episode 16: Giving up Sleeping a Bed

In this episode we grew to appreciate our beds because we gave up sleeping on them, and any other, for two weeks.  We talk about bed bugs, water beds, the first TV couple seen in a bed together, and much more. Spoiler Alert: One of us broke a toe during the production of this episode the other enjoyed sleeping on the floor. (p.s. We take our art very seriously.)



75,000 BCE
Early Mattress used.

Piece of a mattress from 77,000 years ago. (ref)
First Waterbed

Hydrostatic Bed to help with bedsores by Dr. Neil Arnot  (ref)
First TV couple in same bed
“Johnny and Mary Kay” portrayed by the real-life married couple. It aired for three years and predates the I love lucy show (which showed the protagonist married couple sleeping in seperate beds.)
Early 1970’s
The Therm-a-rest camping mattress was introduced. Self-inflating camping comfort that changed the way people sleep on the ground.
Craftmatic Adjustable bed company started up. (ref)
First Futon Sofa Bed
Invented in Cambridge. by William Brouwer
Select Comfort
The Select Comfort company began operation. The company's signature product is the Sleep Number bed, an adjustable air mattress.
Memory foam bed company comes to the US (ref)
Cuddle Mattress
The Cuddle Mattress was introduced. It lets you move your arms and other limbs (appendages?) below the person (dog? see Julie) you are sleeping with for more comfort.
Casper Mattress Company starts up. I’m including it, because I hear them advertise on podcasts, and I’m becoming brainwashed into thinking they are a good product (which they might be).


Pogo checking out my sleeping arrangements
Look close at the little piggy, you can see the fracture.


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