The Station Wagon podcast: Seattle - Snoqualmie - Olympia: Episode 23: Giving up Wearing Pants

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Episode 23: Giving up Wearing Pants

Yup. We gave up wearing pants. For some reason fans wanted us to do this, so we did. Not such a big deal for Julie except when she works out (and everyone knows exercise is bad for you). What are pants? What are not pants? Why do women wear skirts? What does Marc think about wearing a skirt for two weeks? Listen and find out.


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3900 bce.
First known skirt. From the Areni-1 Cave Complex in Armenia. (ref)
1390 bce
First known mini skirt.  “Nordic Bronze Age girl whose well-preserved remains were discovered outside Egtved, Denmark in 1921”
1300 BCE
Yanghai, China. “...two trouser-wearing men entombed at Yanghai were roughly 40 years old and had probably been warriors as well as herders...” (ref)
Bloomers! Turkish-style pants outfits popularized by Amelia Bloomer. “...represented an unrestricted movement, unprecedented by previous women's fashions…”   (ref)

Laika, first dog in Space as part of the Sputnik program from USSR. (ref)
Early 1970’s
David Hall, Standford Professor, tries to popularize wearing skirts among men. “Hall thinks all men should start wearing skirts as a fundamental step toward nuclear arms control. "I'm trying to promote some type ot garment that can be associated
with disarmament, and I think the skirt is it,"he said. "Only women wear skirts, and they don't go to war, so there's an obvious association between the garment and pacifism."
Utilikilts in Seattle was born (ref)
Pebbles our contributing puppy has decided that no bottom half covering at all is how she will roll. Pebbles says, “Modesty is not a state of mind that any self-respecting puppy should take on.”


Top: Doug and Marc, Left: Red and Khaki, Right: Total Seattle.
Checking out the powerplant.


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